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The ISDA Lab™ is a step by step ISDA knowledge and negotiation course, designed to:

  • help you understand what is an ISDA, how it’s structured and why we need it;
  • give you an overview of the entire agreement and key concepts;
  • provide you with a step by step summary of the most frequently negotiated ISDA provisions (including drafting examples and regulatory provisions);
  • summarise the key operational and on-boarding considerations;
  • offer you some practical, useful examples of drafting dos and don’ts.

What does the course cover?

  • Module 1: What is ISDA, including key features, structure and why do we use it
  • Module 2: The 2002 ISDA section by section overview (including compare of main differences between the 1992 and 2002 versions)
  • Module 3: Step by step review of the ISDA Schedule and most frequently negotiated provisions (with drafting examples)
  • Module 4: Operational and on-boarding considerations
  • Module 5: Drafting lessons from Edyta’s playbook and review of court rulings you should know about

The ISDA Lab™ offers both a buy-side and a sell-side perspective and is packed with plenty of useful, practical tips, drafting examples and lessons learnt!

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